Simple Steps to Membership

Having membership can be a potential revenue stream, as well as creating awareness and getting people involved in your community group. Members can also help you form a committee to run and steer your community group.

Things to Consider Before You Start.

There are many things to consider before inviting members to your group for example;

• Legal Responsibilities
• Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme
• Insurance

Groups should also consider resources to support members such as time, funding and premises.

It is also crucial that you familiarise yourself with Data Protection since you will be holding contact details and personal data about your members.

Simple Steps to Legal Responsibilities
Public Liability Insurance
Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme
Adult Protection
Resource Management
Data Protection
Central Registered Body in Scotland

What Will You Offer Members?

As a way to encourage members, you may find it helpful to offer them something in return. This can be regular communication, such as newsletters letting members know your plans and achievements, or even E-bulletins and regular reports. You may also consider offering appropriate training, courses and experiences. You may be able to offer discounts or promotions.

Development and Training
Social Media
Creating Newsletters
Designing a Newsletter
Marketing and Promotion
Membership Services and Benefits

What Can Members Do For You?

Members can be very central to your organisation. Not only generating income for your group but also as invaluable stakeholders. Your members may also be your service users and their feedback can ensure your services can develop on a need-led basis. It helps to make sure that your committee is drawn from your membership. This will also reinforce the sense of ownership your members will have with your group’s ongoing development.

How To Recruit and Manage Members.

Members can come from many different aspects of your community, from people that already are service users or have been, to people that have some spare time and wish to be part of a social aspect that you can offer. You can promote your membership scheme through community days and events that current members could help you organise.

Marketing and Promotion
Managing and Developing your Group

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