Simple Steps Guide to Becoming an Employer

A lot of charities and community groups employ staff to help with the running and delivering of their services. There are many things a group has to consider before even securing the funding to becoming an employer. Below are some key points that a group should consider before deciding to employ a member of staff.

 Can your group employ someone?

Your group's structure determines if they are able employ staff. If your group's structure classifies your group as a separate legal entity you may enter into transactions such as entering into contracts and employing staff.

Are you ready to employ someone? 

 The next thing to consider is current infrastructure, does your group have the infrastructure to support a member of staff? A member of staff will need an induction and training-from Health and Safety to all the groups’ policies and procedures. This training will then need to be maintained and updated, and further training to help your member of staff develop and grow should be considered. Your policies and procedures will also need to be reviewed.

Recruiting staff

Once the decision has been made to employ a member of staff a recruitment plan should be drawn up taking into consideration the following:


Managing Staff

When the member of staff is in place there will need to be a management infrastructure in place, this will help set targets for your member of staff as well as help give them some guidance of what your group expects from them. The management can come from the group's trustees or board of directors. 


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