Role of Chairperson

Your chair person plays a key role in making the committee work together effectively.  Most people assume that the chair is there simply to keep meetings in order, but the responsibilities of the chair person include much more than this.

Your group’s chair person has a managerial role within your group and should be the one to:-

  • liaise with the treasurer and secretary
  • consult with committee members as necessary
  • ensure that staff and volunteers are supervised and supported.
  • take overall responsibility for legal, health and safety and insurance matters
  • act as representative and spokesperson for the group

Your chair has a role to play before, during and in between meetings.

Role of the Chair - before a meeting

The chairperson should liaise with the secretary, treasurer, committee members and staff as appropriate, and with any member who has a specific issue to bring to the meeting.  They should be informed about topics to be discussed and the decisions or actions needed.

The chairperson should also contact and brief new committee members on the aims and objectives of the organisation.

Role of the Chair - during a meeting

During meetings the role of the chair is all about making the meetings as effective as possible:-

  • start the meeting on time and keep to time limits while allowing for adequate discussion. 
  • keep the meeting focused on the agenda.  Allow extra items to be dealt with under AOCB (any other competent business) or deferred until another meeting
  • encourage all members to participate in a broad discussion and summarise the discussion, bringing it to a close by reviewing the points made for inclusion in the minutes
  • should a vote be required, clarify the voting procedure and clearly state the proposals. In the event of an even split, the chairperson has the casting vote. State clearly the agreed outcome of any discussions and votes
  • arrange the date of the next meeting

Role of the Chair - following a meeting

The chairperson should liaise with the secretary, treasurer, committee members and staff as appropriate over any action to be taken as a result of discussion.

Role of the Vice Chair

The role of the vice-chairperson is to deputise for the chairperson in their absence, adopting his or her responsibilities and authority, and to co-operate with the chairperson to encourage and promote the work of the organisation and management committee.

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