Fire Safety

If your community group or organisation has (to any extent) control of premises, you will have a legal responsibility to take steps to prevent fire and to lessen the detrimental effects of a fire on those premises.

Regulations set out under the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 covering non-domestic premises give your group statutory duties to:- 

  1. carry out a Fire Safety Risk Assessment of the premises
  2. identify the required fire safety measures in response to the Fire Risk Assessment
  3. implement those fire safety measures
  4. put in place fire safety arrangements for the ongoing control and review of the fire safety measures
  5. comply with the specific requirements of the fire safety regulations
  6. keep the Fire Safety Risk Assessment and outcome under review
  7. keep records

Not all of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 requirements will apply if your community group is run entirely by volunteers working in their own home – as long as the premises remains a private (domestic) dwelling. Most domestic premises are exempt from the requirement to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment.

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