Accessing PVG Scheme Records

The Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme is a registration system for all those who work (paid and unpaid) with children and protected adults in Scotland. The Scheme is designed to help ensure that those who have regular working contact with either children or protected adults are suitable to do so.

The PVG Scheme records details of individuals with court convictions that make them unsuitable to carry out ‘regulated work’ with either children or ‘protected’ adults (or both). Access to the information held on these records can only be through a group/organisation or body that is enrolled within the PVG Scheme. 

For Third Sector groups, enrolling with the Central Registered Body in Scotland (CRBS) is the best access point. Once you are enrolled with CRBS they will process your group’s requests for PVG Scheme Records (like disclosure records) to check if your volunteers are suitable to carry out ‘regulated work’, free of charge.

There is no legal requirement for community groups to remove an individual from regulated work whilst they are under consideration as part of the PVG Scheme. It will be up to the community group themselves to agree an appropriate course of action.

Your group or organisation may have previously been registered though the Central Registered Body in Scotland (CRBS) or Disclosure Scotland to access the old style disclosure records. In this case you do not need to register again to access the PVG Scheme records as your previous registration status will be carried over.

Implementation Plan

Existing members of the vulnerable groups' workforce and those who were in post and doing regulated work when the PVG Scheme went live in 2011 do not need to do anything, even if they do not have an enhanced disclosure, they will be phased into the PVG scheme over a three year 'phasing in period' which is expected to start at the end of 2011. 

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