Raffle Tickets

Raffles, prize draws, 100 clubs, sweepstakes and tombola are all types of lottery.  They all include the selling of tickets at a set price and the chances of winning are the same for everyone who enters. These forms of lottery are regulated under requirements set out by The Gambling Act 2005.

If your community group is considering this fundraising option, check legal requirements with either your local authority or the Gambling Commission.

What should your tickets include?

If your group is planning to hold a raffle or prize draw (lottery) as part of another event – perhaps as part of a dinner dance, sale of work or sporting event – then this is likely to be classed as an incidental non-commercial lottery.  For this type of lottery there is no specific requirement as to what your tickets should include, and most community groups use pre-printed raffle books with simple numbered tickets.

For private lotteries, the tickets should include:-

  • the name of your community group of organisation as the promoter of the lottery
  • ticket price
  • any restrictions on who is permitted to buy a ticket
  • a statement to say that the ticket (and any rights created by the ticket) are non-transferable

Selling Your Raffle Tickets 

  • the best way to sell raffle tickets of any kind is in person
  • no-one under the age of 16 years old is permitted to sell or buy lottery tickets
  • if you are selling your tickets at an event, enlist the help of a group of volunteers to make sure that everyone present has a chance to buy a ticket
  • selling tickets to the general public as part of a Society Lottery will require permission from the Gambling Commission and/or registration with your local authority.  If you intend to sell tickets house to house you will also need to check legislation on benevolent fundraising.

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