Community Toolkit Quaility Assurance

The Community Toolkit resource pulls together an immensely wide range of topics and guidelines essential to the setting up and running of community groups or projects of all sizes. With their wide experience of working with grass-root community groups, the Community Toolkit team are responsible for ensuring the quality of resource content.

Community Toolkit content is continually developed in response to the requirements of its users and stakeholders. Information is gathered from a variety of verified sources and where appropriate reviewed by field experts across Scotland. New topics are added in response to user feedback and existing content reviewed on a regular basis.

Information providers

The Community Toolkit team would like to thank the following for their contribution in supplying or reviewing content for the resource:- 

In addition the Community Toolkit Team would like to acknowledge the following organisations for their continual updates which are used to keep the Community Toolkit relevant to the needs of its visitors:-

Web Developers - Sitekit Solutions Ltd

Sitekit Solutions based in Portree, Isle of Skye and Oxfordshire is one of the leading Internet consultancy services in the UK. Based on twenty years of development Sitekit CMS is one of the world’s best content management systems powering the online presence of many companies and organisations, from small start-ups to public bodies and large corporations serving millions of users. Visit their website for more information about their products and services.


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